Thursday, February 26, 2004

Buck Showalter is evil 

In Friday's DMN, we get a glimpse of Buck's lineup plans.

Once again, my worst fears are confirmed.

What do we have in store for us this year?

Apparently, a left field platoon of Kevin Mench and the utterly useless David Dellucci. Brilliant idea, Buck...we have a rebuilding team, with a young outfielder who the club needs to make a decision on. So what do we do? Sit him 70% of the time so that a veteran benchwarmer who has never been any good can get playing time. And why does he deserve playing time? Because he's one of "Buck's guys".

Along the same lines, Nix is apparently going to be benched against lefties, and Hank Blalock may not get much more time against lefties than he did last season. I guess Hank's self-esteem is much too fragile to bear up against the possibility of struggling against a lefty...hell, he was only the guy who hit the game winning homer in the All-Star Game last year, and the new recipient of a 5 year, $15 million contract. Much better to let him cool his heels against lefties and let Herb Perry play, instead...after all, he's the type of lousy, scrappy vet that Buck seems to love.

And best of all, it sounds like we can look forward to lots of games with The Two Youngs at the top of the lineup. Apparently, Buck is an adherent of the "Who needs OBP when you have speed?" school of thought.

The sooner Buck Showalter gets canned, the better. But let's not forget...he's probably not going anywhere for a while. After all, ARod was shipped out, in no small part, because Buck wanted him gone.

What a miserable time to be a Ranger fan...

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