Saturday, February 14, 2004

The hypocrisy of Tom Hicks 

Apparently, the Rangers aren't just going to ship ARod to New York, but they are going to pay $7 million per year for the privilege.

So all that warm and fuzzy talk that Hicks and the Rangers brass was giving us the past few weeks, about how the Rangers were going to build around ARod on wanted him here long-term, was just b.s. Which is what really pisses me off about this whole ordeal.

This entire offseason has been a fiasco. And for Hicks and Co. to turn around and take a huge financial hit, in order to foist ARod onto another team, simply gives the organization another black eye, and gives more credence to the belief that Hicks is just trying to strip the team in order to turn around and sell it in the near future.

At this point, I hope he does. Paying the Yankees anything to take Alex Rodriguez is a betrayal of the fans by this organization, and displays a cynicism by the organization -- they apparently don't care that they've been exposed as frauds, by dumping ARod right after claiming they were going to build the team around him. They apparently figure that those of us who have stuck around are suckers, who don't give a damn about how the team is run.

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