Thursday, February 26, 2004

Yankees release Aaron Boone 

More fallout from the ARod trade, as the Yanks release Aaron Boone.

This is a situation where they were saved from their own stupidity anyway...Aaron Boone isn't very good, and was vastly overpaid. Now, because Boone was playing basketball and tore up his knee, they get to send him on his way and only pay him 30 days worth of his salary, thus saving almost $5 million...

I imagine we'll see Boone and the player's union challenge his release, and seek arbitration on the issue.

Still, this begs the question...why in the world did the Yankees give up Brandon Claussen, their best pitching prospect, in order to get Aaron Boone, when they already had Robin Ventura (who is just as good as Boone)?

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