Monday, March 22, 2004

The Continuing Cluelessness of Evan Grant... 

In his weekly Q&A, we get more of Evan Grant fawning over Michael Young. And in not just one, but two items...

First, a reader's question about the status of contract talks between Young and the Rangers is used as an excuse for Grant to get back on his platform about how badly the team has treated Young, and whining about how they didn't show enough confidence in Young after the 2002 season. Nevermind that he didn't hit in 2001, didn't hit in 2002, and didn't hit all that well in 2003.

Then, later, Grant claims that the Rangers' 2003 ERA would have been above 6.00 without ARod and Young at short and second last year.

Given that the Rangers' team ERA was 5.67 last year, that means that Grant is crediting ARod and Young with saving 55-60 runs last year...given that, as middle infielders, any hits they save are singles, it is the equivalent of saving about 150 hits last year.

The question is, 55-60 runs versus what? Having no second baseman or shortstop? Having me at second and the Rangers Captain at shortstop?

How about compared to having the worst defensive middle infield combo in the league last year, Jeter and Soriano?

Well, statistically, according to Baseball Prospectus, Young graded out significantly worse than Soriano at 2B last year, while ARod was 27 runs better than the horrific Jeter. Net, about 15 runs...

That's the problem with beat writers like Grant...they through comments out there like that, but have nothing to substantiate it, other than, this is what a scout I talked to said, or that's based on watching all the games and seeing how great Mike Young is. They don't want to see the numbers...they'd rather base their opinions on how good a guy they think a player is, how scrappy they are, how they look out on the field...

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