Saturday, March 20, 2004

Garret Anderson's high opinion of himself 

According to the LA Times, Garret Anderson and the Anaheim Angels are far apart on a contract extension.

Anaheim is offering 4 years, $40 million, which in and of itself would be great news for Rangers fans, as it would be overpaying the overrated Anderson during his age 33-36 years.

Anderson, however, is balking, wanting to receive, instead, a $56 million deal over 4 years, since that would average the same $14 million per year that the Angels gave Vlad Guerrero. The fact that Guerrero is four years younger than Anderson, and a much better player, to boot, doesn't seem to be fazing Anderson in making this rather ludicrous request.

Anderson is coming off his two best years, although that just means that he went from being an average, at best, left fielder to a pretty good left fielder. As a free-swinger, though, with just decent speed and pretty good, but not great, power, he's not a player who would seem to age real well. The more Pollyanna-ish Angels fans talk about Anderson being a Hall of Fame and 3000 hit candidate, which would require him to be a much better player throughout his 30s than he ever was in his 20s...and BP's PECOTA projection system takes the opposite view, seeing Anderson regressing from 2005-2008 (the years covered by his contract) back into, more or less, the player he was in his mid-30s.

The only thing more ludicrous than Anderson demanding the same annual salary as Vlad Guerrero, a legitimate superstar, is the Angels' willingness to pay him $10 million per year. An ideal scenario for Rangers fans would be for Anaheim to compromise and give Anderson $12 million per year, thus paying him about 3-4 times what he will be worth over that four year span...

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