Sunday, March 07, 2004

I just don't get it... 

What's with the love affair the DFW media has with Mike Young???

Randy Galloway's column is a lengthy love letter to Young, fawning over what a great person and team leader he is, while condemning the team for 1) not signing him to a long-term extension yet, and 2) moving him to shortstop.

Once again, the DFW media seems to be treating the decision to move Young to shortstop as a slap in the face, rather than a compliment and an acknowledgement that Young's superior defensive abilities make him the best option on the team to take over at shortstop. And if he plays the position well, in the long-term, it makes him more valuable than if he's a second baseman, which will mean more money for Young in the future.

Galloway has one howler, in particular, when he claims that Young was "well on [his] way to becoming the best all-around second baseman in ball". With Jose Vidro, Bret Boone, Ray Durham, Jeff Kent, and Luis Castillo still in baseball, Young isn't close to being the best all-around second baseman in baseball.

And mark this down...when Mike Young goes back to hitting .260-.270 this year, Galloway, Fraley, Evan Grant, and the rest of the DFW media will be blaming it on the stress of moving to short from his natural position of second base...

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