Sunday, March 07, 2004

Jack McDowell is a moron 

Anyone who had any doubts about this (and there should be none after his screeds about how today's pitchers have arm problems because they're wimps who have been babied -- unlike McDowell himself, who gutted it out and was a workhorse until he finally fell apart at age 30) should be convinced by his A.L. preview.

His entire comment on the Rangers deals with how the Rangers can finally rebuild now that they've shed themselves of the supposed albatross that is Alex Rodriguez. Nevermind that the whopping $16 million per year that the Rangers save cannot buy enough in free agency to make up for the loss of ARod...the Old School Conventional Wisdom is that Alex Rodriguez was killing the Rangers, and McDowell is nothing if not a Professor Emeritus at the Old School of Baseball Thought.

And McDowell crows about how fortunate the Rangers will now be that John Hart has the ability to spend money again...apparently ignoring the fact that, when given a virtually unlimited budget upon his arrival in Texas, he spent that money on Chan Ho Park, Jay Powell, Todd Van Poppel, and Juan Gonzalez, all of whom were unmitigated disasters, with Park's deal being a franchise killer which directly led to the Alex Rodriguez trade.

As a side note, in a pitying comment about the D-Rays, McDowell says that "hopefully the draft this June will give them a stud to begin building around". Um, Jack...ever heard of Rocco Baldelli? Carl Crawford? B.J. Upton? Aubrey Huff?

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