Thursday, March 18, 2004

Ken Rosenthal's insane trade proposal 

Ken Rosenthal says that the Rangers should trade Alfonso Soriano and $1.65 million to the Giants for Neifi Perez, Jeffrey Hammonds, Todd Linden, and Matt Cain.

This is supposedly a deal that works for both teams, although I can't see any reason why it would make sense for the Rangers to do this trade.

Jeffrey Hammonds and Neifi Perez are thrown in the deal to help offset the salaries (which is also why the Rangers are supposed to kick in $1.65 million). They are useless, though...Hammonds is a mediocre outfielder who can't stay healthy, and Neifi Perez is one of the worst players in baseball, a guy who makes Donnie Sadler look competent. The Rangers would be better off releasing both players than actually letting them play, even though Rosenthal says that the Rangers should put Perez at short so that Michael Young can move back to second, "where he belongs".

(And as a sidenote...would someone please explain to me why so many in the media act like the Rangers' decision to move Young to shortstop is a crime against humanity, and Young should have gotten the lead in Mel Gibson's movie for agreeing to the move? Young was originally a shortstop, and only moved to second base because of the ARod signing. And as a shortstop, his mediocre offense is much less of a liability, making him a more valuable player and giving him the opportunity to make more money down the road. This helps Young's career, rather than hurting it...)

In any case...Hammonds and Perez are worthless, but the Rangers' motivation for doing the deal, I guess, is to get the prospects. Unfortunately, Linden is a 23 year old corner outfield prospect who has yet to crack an 800 OPS in two attempts at AAA. A switch-hitter, some scouts seem to think he'll add power, but right now, he looks like a poor man's Bobby Kielty...which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but isn't someone you want to deal one of the best second basemen in the game for.

Matt Cain, meanwhile, is a 19 year old pitcher with less than 100 professional innings, none of them above low-A. He's got a ton of potential, but of course, There's No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect, and even if Cain does make it, he's three-four years away from really being an impact major leaguer.

So Rosenthal proposes the Rangers trade Soriano for crap, more crap, a mediocre AAA outfield prospect, and a terrific 19 year old pitching prospect who, if he defies the odds and makes it (and more likely than not, he'll flame out), won't help the Rangers until 2007.

And they'll essentially pay all of Soriano's contract for the privilege.

Yeah, Kenny, that makes a lot of sense...

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