Monday, March 15, 2004

More scary Buck quotes 

From the notes section of the S-T today...

Buck says that Mench "may play both [right and left field] if he makes our club". Hopefully, that is more of Buck simply trying to keep the fire lit under Mench, not a serious suggestion that Mench will be sent down so that Jason Jones and David Dellucci can play everyday.

Meanwhile...they also say that Buck likes proven mediocrity Chad Allen, because "he knows how to play the game".

One would think that someone who knows how to play the game would have a better track record. Allen is one of these guys who is scary to have around, since he's a lousy player, but he hustles and scraps and is just good enough that Buck could conceivably decide to let him stick, and be lousy in the majors, rather than give playing time to someone who might have a future.

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