Friday, March 19, 2004

Notes from T.R. Sullivan 

Good notes column today from T.R. Sullivan.

Among the more interesting items...Sullivan is projecting the season will start with a rotation of Rogers, the Ho, Dickey, Lewis, and Rusch, with Ricardo Rodriguez spending a month or two in AAA to work on his command, after missing the second half of last season with a hip injury.

It makes it difficult, though, to look at that rotation and buy into the whole "rebuilding" idea, given that there is only one young pitcher in the group. But with Rodriguez, Juan Dominguez, Ryan Snare and Edwin Moreno in AAA, we could see some rapid changes if guys aren't getting it done...I'd be surprised if more than two of the original five are still in the rotation come the end of August.

Joaquin Benoit is being shopped, according to Sullivan. My guess would be that he'll end up in Milwaukee, where Doug Melvin is collecting various Rangers cast-offs. And Sullivan says another Ranger-turned-Brewer, Danny Kolb, is having shoulder problems once again...

The most disappointing news in his piece today, though, was the word that Jeff Zimmerman's comeback looks to be stalled. Tommy John surgery has advanced to the point where we think it is almost automatic for pitchers to come back as good as ever, but Zimmerman is now looking at starting his third straight season on the D.L. I'm beginning to think that he'll end up not throwing a single major league pitch over the course of the three year contract he signed in the spring of 2002.

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