Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Strange Evan Grant comments 

Evan Grant suggest free agent pitchers this offseason that the Rangers should be interested in.

However, the pitchers he is interested in, in the free agent market this offseason, would be Russ Ortiz, Matt Clement, and Odalis Perez.

Here's what I don't get...

Ortiz: career ERA+ of 102, ERA+ in 2003 of 109, and a guy who walks a lot of batters.

Clement: career ERA+ of 95, ERA+ in 2003 of 103, and a guy who walks a lot of batters and gives up a lot of homers

Perez: career ERA+ of 95, ERA+ in 2003 of 89, and a guy who gives up a ton of homers in Chavez Ravine

Tell me...why would any of these three be a good fit in Texas, particularly for the amount of money it would take to bring them here?

Ortiz and Clement are good, not great, pitchers with high walk totals (a very bad thing in TBIA), and who are generally overrated anyway.

With Perez, I could overlook the high homer rate if it weren't for the fact that he's not a good pitcher. He had one good season, in 2002, which appears pretty fluky, since his DIPS numbers weren't that impressive and he allowed a batting average on balls in play of less than .240 (which suggests that his low ERA owed a lot to luck and a good defense).

Besides, giving up 49 homers in two seasons while pitching half your games in Chavez Ravine is obscene...if he pitched a full season in the Ranger rotation, he'd threaten Bert Blyleven's record for homers allowed in a season.

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