Saturday, April 17, 2004

Jeff Nelson booed by Mariners fans 

Longtime Mariner Jeff Nelson was just booed when he came into the game for the Rangers.

For those who forget, Nelson was traded by the Mariners for Armando Benitez last year, right after he ripped Mariners management for, once again, not making a deal at the trade deadline. Nelson was just vocalizing the same things that a lot of Mariners fans that I know were saying.

Nelson is the Mariner career leader in appearances, and pitched on two Mariner playoff teams, allowing just 2 runs in 14 playoff innings for the M's, and Eric Nadel just said that Nelson has the lowest ERA of any Mariner pitcher with at least 300 career innings.

While I didn't think Nelson would get a standing ovation, the fact that the Mariners fans booed him baffles me. They have no reason to be angry at Nelson.

Unbelievable. And unbelievably classless.

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