Thursday, April 15, 2004

Lineup weirdness today 

The lineup is up for today's game, and Michael Young is sitting, with Eric Young playing shortstop.

Obviously, Michael Young isn't going to play every day...he's got to rest occasionally. But the Rangers have Kenny Rogers, a groundball-inducing machine, on the mound today, so you'd think they'd want to maximize their infield defense. If you are going to rest Young, rest him with someone like the Ho or Dickey on the mound.

Not only is Eric Young replacing Michael Young at short, but Herb Perry is filling in for the still-injured Mark Teixeira at first base. This could be one of the worst defensive infields the Rangers have ever run out there...

EDIT: Yahoo now has Michael Young at shortstop, not Eric Young. Guess it was just a typo.

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