Friday, April 30, 2004

Michael Kay on Johnny Damon 

Michael Kay is the play-by-play announcer for the Yankees on the YES Network (the network the Yankees own). This is a couple of weeks old, but thanks to DWOTblog, I can offer the following excerpt from an article Kay wrote, regarding Johnny Damon's unkempt look:

"If you need a hint of what type of job Francona has done so far, you need only look at the appearance of center fielder Johnny Damon, who is sporting long hair and a beard that makes him look like the frozen caveman we've all seen at the museum. Damon looking the way he does shows a decided lack of respect to the game and the organization. It is incumbent upon Francona to step up and tell Damon to clean up his act. He hasn't and he probably won't. Bad sign."

Wow. So not only is Damon disrespecting the game and his organization, but the fact that Francona isn't making him get a shave and a haircut shows that Francona is a lousy manager?

Great insights from a Yankee employee...one has to wonder if King George was standing behind him as he was typing the piece ("Okay, now press shift and type "f", then type "r")...

It is a pretty interesting example of how the Yankees take themselves way, way, way too seriously...

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