Sunday, April 04, 2004

Rangers dropping out of contention for Bradley 

Despite early interest in acquiring Cleveland headcase Milton Bradley, it looks like the Rangers have judged the Indians' demands too steep. Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Indians asked for Kevin Mench and Juan Dominguez for Bradley, while the Star-Telegram, citing Rangers sources, says that the Indians asked for Mench, Adrian Gonzalez, and newly-acquired Joaquin Arias.

I'm surprised that the Indians are after Mench, rather than Ramon Nivar, although they reportedly were ready to trade Ricardo Rodriguez for Mench, rather than Ryan Ludwick, prior to Mench's injury last season, so the Indians have had their eye on Mench for a while.

I'd probably make the Dominguez/Mench deal, but giving up Mench, Gonzalez and Arias would be too much for Bradley...

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