Friday, April 23, 2004

Rangers promote Chad Allen, send Ramon Nivar down 

With Brian Jordan's rehabilitation hitting a bump in the road, the Rangers finally opted to quit having Ramon Nivar waste away on the bench as the 5th outfielder, and purchased the contract of journeyman outfielder Chad Allen.

Allen isn't a bad ballplayer...he got a shot as the everyday outfielder with the Twins in 1999, proved himself unworthy, and has bounced around since then between the majors and the minors. Allen can man both the outfield corners adequately, and apparently started at first base for Oklahoma last night, with the organization wanting to bring him up if he could show he could play the position without embarrassing himself.

Allen has been red-hot in Oklahoma, hitting over .500 with an OPS of 1233. While he doesn't really fill the hole left by Mark Teixeira, whom the Rangers need to get healthy, quickly, he is a decent backup outfielder.

Which, of course, leads one to wonder why the Rangers would waste a roster spot and a guaranteed major league contract on David Dellucci, when Chad Allen, Peter Zoccolillo, Ty Meadows, and Jason Jones are all hanging around in the organization, and are just as capable as Dellucci of handling the job.

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