Friday, April 30, 2004

A stupid article on "productive outs" 

To go with the very nice article on Hank Blalock, ESPN: The Magazine has also put out one of the dumbest "analytical" pieces I've read in some time. Buster Olney has generated a column examining "productive outs", and arguing (rather weakly) that the "small ball" style is a better way of generating offense than the "Moneyball" style.

Olney comes across as an amateurish hack with an axe to grind, setting up strawmen with assertions such as:

"Boston plays the "Moneyball" style -- never bunt, don't take chances on the bases, sit back and let your hitters hack away and do the work regardless of the game situation, regardless of the identity of the opposing pitcher."

Derek Zumsteg did a very comprehensive rebuttal to the article for U.S.S. Mariner, and rather than just re-gurgitate what he said (because I doubt I'd add anything new), I'm just linking his piece...

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