Sunday, May 02, 2004

Feds have all MLB steroid test results from 2003 

Wow...this is going to get ugly...

And the union really blew it. From the article:

According to the report, IRS agents initially sought all player results from Quest Diagnostic Labs, which administered the steroid tests in 2003. But after negotiating with the league and the union, investigators went after only the results of the 10 players who testified before a grand jury, which include superstar Barry Bonds as well as Yankees sluggers Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield.

Only after the union reneged on the agreement by attempting to keep those players' results private did investigators use a warrant on April 8 to seize documentation on all 1,200 players, the paper reports.

The 1,190 players who didn't testify, and who now are running the risk of having their results revealed, should be irate with the union. I wouldn't be surprised to see lawsuits arise...

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