Thursday, May 06, 2004

Mike Lupica fawning over Showalter... 

Puff piece from Lupica, mainly on Showalter.

And as usual, a lot of dwelling on Alex Rodriguez and his contract, which Lupica calls "the single dumbest contract in baseball history", ignoring, among others, the contract given to the rapidly declining Derek Jeter.

Here's one of the most interesting quotes, though:

"We loved Alex Rodriguez the ballplayer," Showalter was saying yesterday. "He was never the problem. We'd still love to have Alex the player. But this team and this organization could never have moved forward with Alex the contract."

So I sort of have to wonder, given that Showalter knew about Alex and the contract when he was hired...did he take this job believing that Alex would have to go for the team to be successful? And if so, did that impact the supposedly strained relationship between the two last year?

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