Saturday, July 31, 2004

Prospects to be dealt for Walker identified 

According to T.R. Sullivan in the S-T, the Rangers were going to deal Erik Thompson and Ian Kinsler for Larry Walker, had Walker not vetoed the deal.

That would have been a pretty bad deal for Texas, although exactly how bad would depend on how much of Walker's salary Colorado was paying.

What's particularly disturbing to me, though, is the fact that Hart has said repeatedly that they were going to trade any of their top prospects, which suggests that they don't think much of Thompson and Kinsler. Kinsler has garnered a bunch of attention this year for hitting over .400 in low-A, before being jumped to AA Frisco, where he got off to a white-hot start, has cooled down, but is still posting a 900+ OPS. Some of us who would like to see Soriano dealt this offseason were hoping that Kinsler might be in line to replace him at 2B, but now it looks like he's just trade bait.

Thompson's inclusion in the deal, though, is a big blow to me. I've been a huge Thompson fan for a while, due to his unreal strikeout/walk numbers and dominance of his leagues at a young age (he's still just 21). The big knock against him is his size -- he's officially listed at 5'11", but is supposedly closer to 5'9" -- although Fuson has not had a problem with small righthanders in the past (see, e.g., Tim Hudson).

However, the fact that, with Hart firmly entrenched as G.M., they are trying to ship out Thompson as part of a deal for an old, expensive D.H. suggests to me that Thompson's future with the Rangers isn't as bright as it was when Fuson was at the helm.

Which disappoints me greatly, because I think Thompson's upside is as high as any pitcher in the system at level AA or higher.

Mark it down, Adam. Thompson won't ever pan out. Kinsler will be leading the team to the World Series by 2010 at the latest. He good.
Kinsler is the man.
I think Kinsler could be good enough to pull off a couple of 30-30 seasons if the Rangers are patient with him.
I think kinsler has the potential to be a top of the order guy or middle of the order guy.... He's that good, it will take him a couple of years but will be a gold glove caliber defender too.. I think kinsler will lead Texas to the series by at least 2010 as well. Texas will have a dynasty by 2010 with kinsler a key component. Now if we could only get that former first pick from the devil rays, I heard he turned his life around. Hamilton is his name. I think he has Micky mantle like talent.
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