Monday, September 20, 2004

On the Rangers' disappointing 2004 attendance 

Even though attendance in 2004 is projected to be 2.5 million, up from 2.1 million last year, the Rangers are still disappointed that attendance isn't higher this year, as a piece in Tuesday's DMN explains.

The article touches on the complexities of scheduling and the number of games during the school year, but really, the (relatively) low attendance is simple to explain...everyone thought the Rangers would be lousy this year, after four consecutive lousy years. They traded away the best player on the team, and let a couple of other prominent veterans go. And so pre-season buzz was low, there wasn't much interest early in the season, and it took quite a while for the momentum to build to the point where fans really believed and got back on board.

Attendance is a reflection of the previous year's performance. 2005 should see much stronger attendance figures, even if the team ends up regressing. So one would hope that Hicks would be willing to up payroll, if necessary, this offseason.

No mention of that is made in this article, however, although we are assured that Tom Hicks turned a profit this year. I was sure losing sleep over that...

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