Monday, September 20, 2004

The Rangers are unhappy with Juan Dominguez 

Evan Grant's article today in the DMN suggests that Dominguez's placement on the 60 day D.L. was a form of punishment, for not being willing to pitch through his aches and pains late in the season. Grant also says that Dominguez's toughness is apparently being questioned in the locker room.

Dominguez would appear to be in line for a shot at the rotation next season, but if the Rangers are as irked with him as Grant suggests, Buck could end up shipping him out of town. That would be a disappointing development, since Dominguez's value right now is not as high as it should be, due to injuries...the best thing for the team would be for the Rangers to be patient with Dominguez, give him a spot in the rotation next year, and if his attitude irks them, deal him once he rebuilds some value.

On the other hand, Buck has been perpetually pissed at Kevin Mench, and he's still around, so who knows...

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