Sunday, September 19, 2004

Rangers call up Chad Allen and Kameron Loe, DFA Sam Narron 

This, according to Jamey Newberg...the Rangers have also put Juan Dominguez on the 60 day D.L. to make room for Allen and Loe.

Loe had to be added to the 40 man roster this offseason, so that is understandable.

But the Allen move is, essentially, a decision to add a righthanded bat on the bench to bolster the team's basically dead playoff hopes, and has been made at the expense of pitching prospect Sam Narron.

I was very critical of the decision to bring up Narron earlier this year. I saw no reason to believe that he was major league ready, and he proved that he wasn't. Moreover, Narron had to be added to the 40 man roster, and sending him back down burned an option needlessly, both of which I thought were short-sighted decisions.

Well, that move has now backfired on the Rangers, as they have designated Narron for assignment, meaning that they have 10 days to trade him or waive him. Given that he's on the 40 man roster, they can't trade him unless the Rangers asked for revocable waivers on him after August 1 of this year, and he went unclaimed then. If the Rangers didn't run him through revocable waivers then, their only option is to send him through waivers now, a move that will likely result in Narron being claimed.

Now, I don't think Narron is a great prospect. I think he's a fringe prospect, at best. But to basically throw away a young player, after bringing him up prematurely, when the team doesn't have a realistic chance at the playoffs anyway, is absolutely stupid.

This is exactly the sort of problem that arises when you allow a manager control over personnel decisions, rather than a general manager who should have the team's long-term interests in mind. This is a move for a negligible short-term gain, made by Buck because he's desperately trying to keep the team in the race, he's lost interest in Narron (who was a favorite of his earlier in the summer), and effectively is giving away a prospect for nothing.

Stupid, stupid, stupid move by Buck Showalter.

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