Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Travis Hughes up, Ryan Snare out 

In an effort to bolster the bullpen from the right side, the Rangers have called up hard-throwing mediocrity Travis Hughes. To make room for him on the 40 man roster, the Rangers have DFA'd Ryan Snare.

We're seeing the effect of Grady Fuson's departure, with the loss of Snare and Sam Narron. Both are soft-tossing lefties with the "pitchability" that Fuson looks for in pitchers. John Hart, meanwhile, has generally scorned those types, preferring flamethrowers like Hughes.

I don't expect either Snare or Narron to make it through waivers, so the Rangers are losing a couple of fringe pitching prospects for nothing, while keeping the likes of Andy Fox, Manny Alexander, and Ken Huckaby on the roster, and refusing to D.L. Alfonso Soriano and Gary Matthews Jr., on the off chance that they might be available if the Rangers make the playoffs.

Poor roster management by Hart, something he's exhibited repeatedly since taking over in Texas. What will be more interesting is whether Hughes retains a 40 man roster spot over the winter. He had a very unimpressive season pitching out of the pen in the minors, and at age 26, he's old for a prospect, particularly one with no success above AA. My guess is that Hughes will be dropped from the roster this offseason, as he should be.

But regardless, Hughes is highly unlikely to pitch in anything other than a mop-up situation for the rest of the season. And that makes me wonder why the Rangers felt the need to drop Snare to bring him in.

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