Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bob Melvin speaks on his firing 

Mariner G.M. Bill Bavasi refused to comment on why he fired manager Bob Melvin. However, Melvin spoke at length about the subject, as the Seattle Times reports today.

In particular, Melvin said that he got the axe because, Bavasi supposedly told him, "the players who left here did better, and the players we brought in didn't".

That's a pretty stupid reason to fire a manager, particularly given the players in question. Was Melvin the one that caused Rich Aurilia to go into the tank, or Scott Spiezio and Raul Ibanez to be predictably unimpressive?

Bottom line was, the Mariners needed a scapegoat for an abysmal season, lest the ticket buying public which has grown accustomed to 90 win seasons, even sans October success, get too crotchety.

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