Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Compare and contrast...M's ownership and Ranger ownership 

In the past, Tom Hicks has gotten credit for being willing to spend money on improving the Rangers, while Mariner ownership has been ripped for being concerned only with making a profit.

It appears that things have changed...in an interview, Mariner president Howard Lincoln says that the Mariners plan on losing millions to get the team back on track next season.

Meanwhile, Ranger owner Tom Hicks claims that the Rangers "don't need a bigger payroll", that a team's success has nothing to do with its payroll, and that the team is going to continue to be profitable.

Hicks' newfound fiscal conservatism is the reason why Selig has suddenly become a fan of the Rangers, after several years of battling with Hicks over Hicks' refusal to toe the line on payroll matters.

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