Sunday, October 24, 2004

A few Ranger notes from the S-T 

The S-T says that John Hudgins, John Danks, and Mark Teixeira all have bought homes in Surprise, Arizona, the Rangers' spring training complex. This is apparently so they can be with the team year-round, something that no doubt makes Buck Showalter happy. And would seem to contradict some of those who think that Teixeira is waiting with bated breath to bolt for greener pastures.

Showalter, also, is reportedly raving about Joaquin Arias, the shortstop who came over as part of the ARod trade. The Arias-love is part of what has apparently made Ian Kinsler expendable...Grady Fuson was apparently more of a Kinsler guy than an Arias guy, but the S-T suggests that Arias may be up in the majors by 2005.

I don't see any way that Arias is possibly ready yet...he had an okay year in high-A in 2004, but it was the fact that he held his own at such a young age that really makes him a prospect. He isn't going to be major league ready for another couple of years, though, and the Rangers are going to be a lot better off finding a Mark Bellhorn or a Todd Walker to hold down the 2B fort next season, than if they try to rush Arias.

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