Monday, October 04, 2004

Gammons on a possible Soriano deal 

In his column today, Peter Gammons says that he'd bet on Alfonso Soriano being dealt to the Mets for shortstop Jose Reyes.

That would be an incredible deal for the Rangers. Reyes was getting tons of attention in 2003, with BA calling him the Mets' best positional prospect since Darryl Strawberry, and putting him #3 overall among all prospects, behind only Mark Teixeira and Rocco Baldelli.

After putting up respectable numbers in half a season in the majors with the Mets last season, this year was essentially a lost year for Reyes, who struggled with hamstring injuries all year and posted just a 644 OPS in 220 ABs in 2004.

Still, he's just 21 years old, a switch-hitter with a bunch of speed and good defensive skills, a guy who was untouchable coming into the 2004 season. I have a hard time seeing the Mets parting with him for Soriano, but if they did, that move along would be a successful offseason for the Rangers.

Gammons also, at the end of his piece, throws a bone to his buddy Buck by praising John Hart and Buck's boy Jon Daniels for their purportedly deft roster management, losing only Sam Narron on waivers despite all the roster moves that they made. Nevermind that Narron never should have been up to begin with, and it was only poor roster management that exposed him in the first place...

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