Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The last DMN Ranger newsletter of 2004 

It is pretty "blah".

We have the obligatory Rusty Greer question, someone carping about players not signing autographs, and Grant opining that the Rangers want to get rid of the Ho and will likely trade Adrian Gonzalez.

The one interesting thing is the notion that the Rangers' most difficult decision on arbitration this offseason will be with Carlos Almanzar. I don't see that it is that hard a call to make...the most he'd be likely to make is in the $2 million range, and you could likely lock him up for less. I think you could probably get Almanzar to sign a 2 year, $3.5 million deal, which would make him a reasonably priced setup man for the next two years.

Almanzar has always been a solid pitcher, and this season he's simply shown what he's capable of doing if given a chance at the major league level. Non-tendering Almanzar, particularly given how strong the bullpen has to be to continue the team's success, would be absolutely foolish.

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