Monday, October 11, 2004

Offseason Ranger blurbs 

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a year-end wrapup of the 2004 Rangers which does the standard what went right/what went wrong year in review.

Not surprisingly, though, the "Off Season Needs" is identified as "Pitching, pitching, pitching," even though the mediocre offensive performance this past season is a major reason why the Rangers missed the playoffs.

The funniest thing, though, is the P.I.'s claim that Alfonso Soriano was an MVP candidate before he missed the last two weeks with an injury.

Soriano was the fourth best infielder on the team, and was a pretty big disappointment offensively. Defensively, he was as bad as advertised. To suggest that Soriano was an MVP candidate -- rather than Michael Young and Mark Teixeira -- indicates that someone did little homework in preparing their piece.

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