Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sosa to the Rangers for the Ho and Soriano 

Chicago columnist Phil Rogers mentions that as a possibility.

Obviously, it depends on who takes how much in salary to figure out if this is a good deal, and what other players might be involved, but I'd listen closely to such an offer. The Ho and Soriano for Sosa straight up is a slamdunk...if you are the Rangers, you make that deal. If the Rangers have to kick the difference in salaries between the Ho and Sosa, then you want something back in return...maybe Corey Patterson, if the Cubs are going to make a push for Beltran, although Patterson's work ethic issues probably wouldn't play well with Buck.

But with Sosa now on the outs in Chicago, and with the team wanting to scapegoat someone for their disastrous September, I think he'll be moved. And with the Rangers needing a power-hitting DH to plug in the middle of their lineup, they seem like a perfect fit.

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