Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tigers Withdraw Offer To #2 Overall Pick Verlander 

Baseball America is reporting that the Detroit Tigers have withdrawn their offer to 2004 #2 overall draft pick Justin Verlander, a RHP from Old Dominion.

This doesn't officially impact the Tigers' ability to continue negotiating with Verlander...they own his rights until he attends a class at Old Dominion, or until a week prior to the 2005 draft, whichever comes first.

Still, this sort of move would normally tend to damage the relationship between team and player, and while it may just be a negotiating ploy, it is also the type of move that can alienate a prospect.

This has been a contentious year for draftee negotiations, as Philip Humber, Jeff Niemann, Jered Weaver, and Stephen Drew are still in the midst with negotiations with the teams that drafted them, and Baltimore lost the rights to #8 pick Wade Townsend after he returned to Rice.

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