Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Expos give bad players lots of money 

Specifically, the Expos have signed Vinny Castilla and Cristian Guzman.

Castilla, 37, a decent defensive 3B who has never been able to hit outside of Coors Field (he hit .218/.281/.493 on the road in 2004), got two years, $6.2 million.

And Cristian Guzman, a 26 year old decent fielding shortstop with a career .239 EQA, got 4 years, $16.8 million.

As best as I can tell, new Expo G.M. Jim Bowden felt the need to make a splash after taking over the reins. But these two deals are utterly inexplicable...Castilla and Guzman simply aren't good players. Cristian Guzman is a bad player, one of the main things that has held back the Minnesota Twins from playoff success the past few years. Vinny Castilla has built a career out of Coors-inflated power stats, but outside of Colorado is a poor man's Tony Batista.

A one year, $1.5 million deal for Castilla would be okay...maybe a bit excessive.

And if the Rangers had given Cristian Guzman a 2 year, $6 million deal, I would have been making an angry entry right now about what a waste of money it was.

But for Bowden to hand out these sort of ridiculous deals to players who are no better than several minor league free agents...it is beyond comprehension.

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