Friday, November 19, 2004

An offseason disaster in the making 

According to T.R. Sullivan, the Rangers are looking at Tino Martinez or Todd Walker as possible DH candidates for 2005.

Todd Walker would be great as a replacement for Alfonso Soriano at 2B. Martinez would have been fine as a 1B six or seven years ago. But either of them, now, as a DH, is a waste of money, and a sign that John Hart and Buck Showalter have no clue about what they need to do to build on last season's success...particularly in conjunction with the news that Danny Bautista and Jermaine Dye are being looked at as candidates for a starting outfield job, and that Paul Byrd may be added for the rotation.

My real job has had me incredibly busy lately, limiting my opportunities to make new entries for this site...but at the same time, the decisions that this organization appears to be making in regards to offseason targets depresses me to the point that I hardly even want to think about it right now anyway.

When Carlos Delgado, Ryan Klesko, and Cliff Floyd are out there available, and the team is talking about using Todd Walker as a DH, there is no real reason to have much hope for the coming season.

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