Monday, November 29, 2004

Rangers meet with Todd Walker 

In what might be good news, the Rangers met with free agent Todd Walker over the weekend.

T.R. Sullivan is reporting in the Star-Telegram that the Rangers are looking at Walker as a DH, which would be a bad thing...you can get quality DHs who hit better than Walker fairly easily.

However, the item that gives me some hope is the comment that Walker could be an option at second base if Soriano is dealt.

Clearly, the Rangers don't want to come right out and say that they are looking for a second baseman, because they are dumping Soriano. But just as clearly, Buck wants Soriano gone, and the $7-8 million that he'll get in arbitration for 2005 is much more than he's worth.

So, what I believe -- or at least hope -- is happening is that the Rangers are working on Walker, a good OBP guy who provides offense from the second base position, something that Hart covets. The story, publicly, is that Walker is an option at DH, when in reality, the team has determined that the remaining options available at shortstop aren't that attractive, reducing the chances of moving Young back to second base, and thus is stepping up to try to work a deal to bring Walker in to take over for Soriano at 2B, if and when a trade for Soriano is made.

If, in fact, this is what is happening, then it is the first good news I've heard from the Rangers all offseason. On the other hand, if the Rangers really do want Todd Walker as a DH, then...well, my gloomy outlook on the offseason won't be changing...

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