Sunday, November 07, 2004

Still more on Soriano to New York... 

In the New York Post today, George King is reporting that the Yankees have contacted the Rangers, and indicated that they "would be willing" to bring Alfonso Soriano back and put him in centerfield if they can't land Carlos Beltran, whose demands for a 10 year contract are apparently scaring off even King George.

There's been talk in the past of moving Soriano to the outfield, and Buck Showalter supposedly was ready to put him in left field this spring. But it is debateable whether Soriano has the instincts to get a good read on the ball off the bat, particularly since his slow reactions at 2B seem to contribute to his range problems there. As any Ranger fan who has seen both the speedy Ramon Nivar and the more slow-footed Laynce Nix in center can attest, getting a good jump and taking the right route to the ball can be a better attribute than pure speed.

In the Newark Star-Ledger, meanwhile, David Waldstein speculates that Omar Minaya may be willing to deal the oft-injured uber-prospect Jose Reyes to the Rangers for Soriano. The Rangers apparently had interest in that deal last offseason, and were laughed at...but that was before Reyes' lost 2004 season, where he struggled to overcome hamstring problems. I still think it is extremely doubtful that the Mets would be willing to part with Reyes, at least for Soriano...but then, I would have laughed if someone had suggested the Mets would trade Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano, as well.

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