Monday, December 20, 2004

Angels sign Cabrera, dump Eckstein 

In their latest mysterious move, the Anaheim Angels have signed free agent shortstop Orlando Cabrera to a 4 year, $32 million deal, and non-tendered incumbent shortstop David Eckstein.

In doing so, Anaheim has added payroll without doing anything to make their team any better.

Comparing Cabrera and Eckstein, one is hard-pressed to figure out why the Angels would be so willing to dump one to give the other a huge contract.

Cabrera is two months older than Eckstein. Eckstein has been in the majors four seasons, and has posted EQAs of .265, .273, .245, and .250 the past four years. Cabrera, meanwhile, has posted EQAs of .256, .249, .276, and .240 during that period. Cabrera has a reputation for being a very good gloveman, but BP has graded him out as below-average the past two seasons; Eckstein has a mediocre defensive reputation, but his defensive stats per BP are similar to Cabrera's the past two years. Eckstein has had a better ZR than Cabrera each of the last two seasons.

Cabrera has the bigger name, and somehow has gotten a reputation for being a top-flight shortstop despite rather average performances throughout his career. One would think that his shiny World Series ring would be at least neutralized by the ring Eckstein won with the Angels in 2002, but that was before Arte Moreno bought the team.

Really, a mystifying, pointless move.

Why dont the rangers pick up david eckstine and use soriano for the DH. Oh ya, nevermind, Tom Hicks is a Freking tite wad!!!!!!!!!
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