Thursday, December 16, 2004

A's pickup Ginter for two prospects 

Oakland traded reliever Justin Lehr and outfield prospect Nelson Cruz to the Brewers for Keith Ginter today.

Ginter is a pretty decent hitting second baseman who can't really field. He's one of those useful, random parts that Beane likes to pick up and find a way to work into his lineup.

Neither Cruz nor Lehr are anything all that special. Cruz posted a 900+ OPS this season in both high-A and AA, but he's already 24, so he's still a bit behind where he should be. Lehr is just organizational depth, a righty arm that throws hard.

Nice pickup for the A's. Ginter is someone who would have been a good fit on the Rangers. Too bad they are more interested in the Joe Randas of the world.

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