Friday, December 17, 2004

A condescending comment from John Donovan 

In his CNNSI column, in which he goes so far as to suggest that Kevin Malone may have been a better Dodger G.M. than Paul DePodesta, John Donovan makes a condescending remark that indicates how uninformed he thinks his readership is.

Talking about the Tim Hudson trade, he says that Atlanta gave up "a couple of young arms (guys you've probably never heard of)".

Dan Meyer, one of the young arms, is a well regarded prospect who is on the map and quite a few baseball fans have probably heard of.

But Juan Cruz, the second young arm we probably don't know about, was one of the top pitching prospect in all of baseball a few years ago, a heralded righthander who burst on the scene with the Cubs, was the subject of a ton of trade rumors before he went to Atlanta in a deal for Andy Pratt (who has since contracted Steve Blass Disease, and who is a former Ranger prospect shipped to Atlanta for Ben Kozlowski in 2002, in a deal that looked great for Texas until John Hart foolishly put Koz on waivers earlier this year).

Cruz is about to start his fifth season in the majors. He's pitched in 128 major league games, including 23 starts. He made everyone's top 10 prospect lists a couple of years ago.

And yet John Donovan thinks that his readers have never heard of the guy.

Unfortunately, this seems all too typical of how many in the mainstream sports media think of their readership...a tiny sliver of geeks who sit up late at night in their mother's basement calculating Mo Vaughn's career average while the moon is waxing, and the remainder an amorphous collection of dullards who aren't aware of anything that isn't spoon-fed to them by the national baseball writers.

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