Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Greer gone 

Rusty Greer has announced that, despite saying for the past two seasons that he'd sign a minor league deal with the Rangers after 2004, that he'll sign elsewhere.

Greer, who hasn't played since June 2002, and hasn't played well since 1999, is apparently mad that the Rangers are trying to sign a DH, rather than having Greer as their primary option at DH, so he's going elsewhere. He has supposedly had interest from the Royals, Devil Rays, and Twins, although I'd be surprised if any of them offered him anything better than what the Rangers apparently offered...an NRI with a chance to stick if someone gets hurt.

This is actually a relief to me, since there's no reason to believe that Greer can still play, and I was fearful that Buck's love of gritty vets would result in us seeing Greer suck at the DH slot for much of 2005.

Of course, there's still no guarantee that we'll get a legitimate DH, but at least the specter of Greer returning is now gone...

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