Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Johnson deal dead, and Yanks mad at the Dodgers 

The Dodgers have apparently reneged on their end of the Big Unit deal, apparently over concerns about Javier Vazquez not wanting to come to L.A.

And thus, the Big Unit to the Yanks deal is dead for now, and the Yanks are pissed at the Dodgers, suggesting that they won't deal with L.A. any more because they can't be trusted...

Poor, poor Yankees...I'm sure someone else will stick their nose in this thing, though, and facilitate a trade...

Wouldn't be surprised if Beane got involved in this deal, getting Vazquez, Navarro and Duncan (with the Yanks paying a chunk of Vazquez's salary) and sending Zito and something else -- Durazo? Kotsay? -- to the D-Backs.

Navarro would seem to be a great fit, if only because he can be added to the A's collection of catching prospects, joining Jeremy Brown, John Baker, Daric Barton, Landon Powell, and Kurt Suzuki...

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