Sunday, December 05, 2004

Leiter about to sign with the Marlins? 

39 year old starting pitcher Al Leiter is reportedly on the verge of signing with Florida, on a one year deal for $7-8 million.

Leiter would head up a rotation also featuring A.J. Burnett, Josh Beckett, and Dontrelle Willis, a group with a huge upside but with spotty results over their careers.

Leiter had an ERA just a shade over 3 last season, but his K rate has dropped dramatically in the last few years, and he had a K/BB rate of only about 1.2 last season.

This seems to be a concession by the Marlins that Pavano isn't coming back, and it allows them to bring in a proven veteran with ties to their 1997 World Series victory on a one year deal, which minimizes the risk.

But it also appears that they are overpaying for Leiter...he'll be in a pitcher's park again in 2005, but I'd be surprised if he keeps his ERA under 4 next season...

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