Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Mets' Minaya getting suckered by Pedro Martinez 

Pedro Martinez has reportedly agreed to join the Mets with a four year, $54 million deal.

A truly insane gamble for Omar Minaya, the new Mets G.M., who has already thrown money away on an injury-prone pitcher when he gave Kris Benson a 3 year, $21 million deal.

Unlike Benson, Pedro Martinez is actually a very good pitcher. But he also reportedly has a labrum tear, and radio reports indicate that a condition of the deal is that the Mets cannot do an MRI of Pedro's shoulder as part of the physical Pedro must undergo.

What kind of team would agree to that sort of condition, particularly with an older pitcher whose durability and the soundness of his shoulder have been questionable the past few years?

Even Jayson Stark is lambasting the deal, calling it the worst contract since Mike Hampton signed with the Rockies in 2000. Stark reports that Pedro's labrum tear is as much as 90%, meaning that every pitch his arm is literally hanging by a thread.

If Pedro gives the Mets two full, healthy seasons, it will be an upset. But hopefully, the acquisition of Pedro will fuel the desire by Minaya to bring Alfonso Soriano to town...

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