Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More on Alomar and Laird 

Evan Grant indicates that Laird, apparently, had to find out that Alomar was being signed, and that Laird was heading back to AAA, from the media.

Classy move by Hart & Co.

And to clarify, since several folks don't understand why I'm so irate about this...

It isn't about who the backup catcher is.

It is about Gerald Laird, who won the starting catcher job last season, being sent back to AAA without a chance to get his job back this spring.

It is about the organization, as with Kevin Mench last season, punishing a young player for not playing winter ball -- although in Laird's case, he isn't playing winter ball because of his thumb injury, which hasn't healed because the organization had him come back from his injury sooner than he was supposed to in 2004.

It is about yet another player who doesn't deserve a major league contract being added to the 40 man roster, when Ben Kozlowski, Erik Thompson, and Sam Narron aren't, supposedly because roster spots are so precious right now.

It is about giving a guy a job on the 25 man roster when he isn't even good enough to be in the majors.

It is about management's thought processes, the decision making process going on with Hart and Buck that leads them to believe that signing Sandy Alomar, Jr., accomplishes anything.

That's the problem. And that's what is so maddening about this.

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