Monday, December 20, 2004

No Ranger non-tenders 

According to the S-T, all four Ranger arbitration-eligible players -- Alfonso Soriano, Rod Barajas, Gary Matthews, Jr., and Carlos Almanzar -- will be offered arbitration.

I was a bit worried that Almanzar would be non-tendered, based on some comments from management earlier this offseason, which would have been foolish.

The article also mentions that the Rangers are interested in Pierzynski. It seems that he'd certainly be a better option that Alomar (although I wonder how his personality would fit in with Buck). What do you think?
A.J. would be too expensive seeing as how Laird would work just fine, but that seems to be nothing more than wishful thinking. I am interested to see if Eric Byrnes will be offered arbitration with the recent pick-up of Charles Thomas. Byrnes would be a nice defensive addition, and seems to have the all-out attitude that Buck likes. On another note, Byrnes had more win shares then Andruw Jones last year.
Pierzynski wouldn't appear to be an option unless they non-tendered Barajas, which I don't see happening.

If Pierzynski gets signed, that would seem to signal that Gerald Laird is getting traded (which may happen anyway).

I'm not a huge Byrnes guy...for some reason, every time I see him, I want to punch him. And Charles Thomas is probably far enough away that Oakland won't be counting on him yet.
I am not surprised about these moves. The managment would look like an idiot if they didnt.
i agree with you that whenever i see eric byrnes i want to punch him. why is that?!?!?! i think its becasue he looks like a jackass thats trying to look young
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