Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Rangers management makes stupid moves today 

The Rangers have signed Sandy Alomar, Jr.

Alomar Jr. is a terrible catcher. He should not be in the major leagues. He can no longer play.

The only good thing I can say about this deal is that Alomar will probably get hurt fairly quickly, which means that Gerald Laird, who will now be banished to the minors, can get the chance to come back before too long.

We should have known, of course, that Laird's days were numbered, once Fuson -- who was his biggest proponent in the organization -- was axed. Buck clearly wasn't too comfortable with Laird late last season, and now, given the chance to replace him with one of his believed gritty vets, he's taken the opportunity to do so.

Sullivan also says that the team is interested in Carlos Delgado, but considers him a "longshot", since it would mean that they would have no money left over for any other free agents.

This is incredibly disheartening, mainly because reports are that Delgado wants 2 years, $16 million. That means that the team believes that it can only spend $8 million on free agents this offseason.

Which means that we are going into the 2005 season with a payroll that is in the Pittsburgh Pirate/Tampa Bay Devil Ray neighborhood.

Which means that all those promises about keeping payroll where it was last year, and maybe raising it a tad, were simply lies, like so much else that comes out of the mouths of Ranger management.

It appears that the reward for all the fans who suffered through four straight awful seasons, and who turned out last season and filled the park repeatedly for the 2004 revival, is to see Richard Hidalgo, Sandy Alomar Jr., and Doug Brocail as our big offseason free agent signings.

John Hart and Buck Showalter are running this franchise into the ground, and the sooner they are excised from the Texas Rangers, the better off the team will be.

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