Friday, December 10, 2004

Rangers sign Hidalgo 

Richard Hidalgo has signed with the Rangers on a one year, $4.5 million deal.

I've got mixed feelings on this...it is definitely more than I wanted to see the Rangers spend on Hidalgo. But on the other hand, he's just 29, and has been great at points in the past, although he was a disappointment last season.

I view this as the type of gamble the Rangers need to take...if Hidalgo returns to his 2000 or 2003 form, then $4.5 million is a steal. If he doesn't...well, it is only a one year deal, and they'll be free and clear of it after the season.

Hidalgo's career has been so up-and-down it is almost impossible to reasonably project how he will do in 2005. No doubt, the Rangers are optimistic that Rudy Jaramillo can work with Hidalgo on fixing a swing that has had a tendency to get out of whack relatively easily. But if Hidalgo hits like he did in 2004, then they are no better in RF now than they were last season (when they weren't very good).

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