Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Renteria to the BoSox for 4 years, $40 million 

What a bad signing.

Theo Epstein has generally done a very good job as G.M. for the BoSox, but this is a terrible deal.

Renteria garnered a lot of buzz as being possibly the best shortstop in the N.L. in 2002 and 2003, when he posted back to back .285/.309 EQAs while playing gold glove defense for the Cards.

Those two seasons were in his age 26-27 seasons -- a player's expected peak seasons -- while reverting to a .255 EQA in 2004. That .255 EQA is quite similar to his performance before 2002, as he's posted EQAs from 1996-2001 of .273, .246, .255, .255, .258, and .245.

If Renteria plays the next four years like he did in 2003, then the 4 year, $40 million deal will end up being a good one for Boston. More likely, he's going to be a .250-.270 EQA player for the next four seasons, and Boston will be trying to unload his contract by late 2006.

I don't know what Theo is thinking other, other than possibly that money doesn't matter when you are going against the Yankees...

Bad move, regardless...

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