Monday, December 13, 2004

Soriano to the Mets supposedly heating up again 

According to the Star-Ledger, the Rangers have decided that they are interested in dealing Alfonso Soriano to the Mets, supposedly targeting either Mike Piazza or Cliff Floyd.

Piazza has one year left on his current contract at $16 million, and Floyd is owed $13 million over the next two years on his deal.

Floyd is the more attractive option, to me. Piazza is to the point where he's probably not an everyday catcher anymore, and as a 36 year old DH candidate whose EQA has dropped six out of the last seven years, all the way down to .279 last season, the Mets would have to pick up a bunch of his contract, and send something else along with him for me to be interested.

Floyd, on the other hand, is younger, and while he's coming off of a season where he posted a .280 EQA, basically the same as Piazza, he also struggled with injuries last season. Floyd has been injury-prone his entire career, but letting him DH the majority of the time should help. At age 32, he seems a reasonable bet to return to his career level of production -- even including last year's offseason, he has a .293 career EQA -- and his lefty power bat and solid OBP would be a great fit for TBIA and this lineup.

The Mets have supposedly been willing to pay part of Floyd's contract to get him out of town, so if we could send Soriano to the Mets for Floyd plus $4-5 million, I'd be all over that deal.

Then, the Rangers could sign Jose Valentin as the starting shortstop, where he offers some pop and pretty decent defense, instead of as a DH, where he'd be wasted.

The Rangers could go into next season with a lineup of:

Young 2B
Blalock 3B
Teixeira 1B
Floyd DH
Hidalgo RF
Mench LF
Valentin SS
Nix CF
Barajas C

I could live with that.

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