Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Team payrolls from 2000 through 2004 

Today's Star-Telegram has an article on the Yankees paying $25 million in luxury tax for 2004, which also features a chart of the payroll from all MLB teams from 2000 through 2004.

Their number for the Rangers seems awfully high...I'll see if I can figure out where they got that from...

If your calculations are correct about this year's payroll, then the Rangers will likely have a smaller payroll than the A's. I guess that Arlington and the surrounding areas are now a small market as far as baseball is concerned.

I read not too long ago that Soriano wants a long term deal, though Hart seems reluctant to give him one. However, the fact that Hart offered arbitration to Soriano uses the same logic as the Kris Benson deal. Both teams gave up an awful lot, some would say too much, for what they got in return. In order to save face, the Rangers and Mets had to resign the newly acquired talent. So now both teams are overpaying for mediocre talent. I can't fault the Rangers for being fiscally responsible, but they need to do something to improve the club. If it is not spending money, then give up a draft pick to sign Placido Polanco.
I have a hard time seeing the Rangers giving Soriano a long-term deal...Showalter doesn't want him here, he'd block Arias, who Showalter loves, and he's really not that good.

I expect them to be shopping him hard come the ASB.
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